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Professional guitar repairs

Restring (includes clean of neck with lemon oil where appropriate)

Hardtail £10.00
Locking tremolos £15.00
12 string £15.00
4 / 5 string bass £10.00
Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele £10.00


Our full set-up includes:

Fingerboard clean and oil,
Fret clean,
Body and neck clean and polish,
Adjust truss rod,
Check machine heads,
Clean and adjust bridge,
Check and adjust action and intonation / bridge radius
Check pick-up height
Check and clean electrics

Electric without locking tremolo £35.00
Electric with locking tremolo £45.00
Bass £30.00
Acoustic £25.00
Rewire/ repair electrics/ replace pickups from
Fret stone / dress all types £70.00
Nut fitting: bone £20.00
Nut fitting: plastic slotted £10.00


 All the above prices do not include strings, materials used for repair or vat

Refretting Service (allow a few weeks)

Unbound fingerboards From £130
Bound fingerboards From £160


Bodywork service

Full respray From £150
Minor scratches From £35
Cracks From £35
Headstocks /neckbreaks From £100
Piezo fitting From £40
Active electrics repairs / fitting From £40


Bodywork, refretting and electrical work not carried out on the premises are subject to current carriage charges (approx £20.00)


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